Life full circle

My pantyhouse ripped.

I hate when that happens.

Where’s my hairbrush? How did it get in the toilet. Hannah!

My car keys. Where are my car keys?

Oh, wait. I’m self-employed. That was a real nightmare.

Time to go back to bed.

I just finished my income taxes and I owe $16.50. Another successful year in the freelance game. April is the worst month for the self-employed (except December, when it’s Christmas and you’ve had a bad year).

But one of the nice things about being self-employed and unsuccessful is that you aren’t gripped with the pre-tax season chill.

You aren’t worried, wondering where you put that receipt for the new computer — because you’re still working on the old one!

My equipment is so old that I can’t even depreciate it anymore and nobody will buy it so I don’t have to claim that, either.

I don’t have to keep a huge box of receipts because I don’t have that many.

I don’t have to worry about fluffing the old expenses to reduce my taxable income because it’s so low it doesn’t even match my personal deduction of $10,000.

Thank God for pension splitting.

That’s why I owe $16 because I made a whopping $12,000 after splitting Scott’s CBC pension income.

Still, I’m glad taxation season is over and I can get to the real job of trying to make a living.

Or I can just do what I always do.

Have a nap. Sit on the deck with a book. Watch the Marilyn Denis Show to find out what kind of pantyhose obscures the lines of my panties.

Wait! I don’t need pantyhose.

That’s my life –full circle.


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