Canadian politics: you never can tell

It was September, 1984.

I was sitting in the Blackburn building with my very good friend Peggy Dillman, who was the chief of correspondence in the Prime Minister’s office.

It was about 8 p.m. and we were the political staff of the prime minister, John Turner.

Clearly, it was a rout. Brian Mulroney had won the day.

Great, fucking wonderful.

The calls came in furiously. Crank calls.

“Fuck you, you cock sucking Liberals. Hope you rot in hell.”

After a while, we just stopped picking up the phone.

Me, Peggy, Allan and others celebrated and raised a few glasses to the cause.

We knew we were part of a sea change.

My life was never the same again.

I had been a Liberal for a few short years, but I never forgot how awful I felt in those sorry days.

That was 1984. Nobody voted Liberal.

A decade later, Canadians voted for Jean Chretien for three consecutive terms.

Never say never.

I say this to everybody who tonight is predicting the demise of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Don’t count Liberals out.

As my brother Gary once said: You never can tell.


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