Kevin Nelson: No way to treat an Ottawa radio icon

So today, the story finally came out.

Our beloved Kevin Nelson has been gravely ill, suffering from a liver issue. And according to this story, he won’t be back anytime soon.

This, of course, is not Kevin Nelson’s wish. Kevin Nelson wants to come back, to be given a chance to rebuild his audience. But the management at CHUM just up and replaced him, giving no one, Nelson, the listeners, his loyal fans, a heads up.

They simply removed him from the website and said nothing.

What a bunch of insensitive bastards.

But that’s radio, folks. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, the radio business is like the Mob. He’s here one day, gone the next, and only a few wise guys know what happened to him. It’s as if these guys — Nelson and his sidekick Bill Parker — never existed at all. In reality, they gave the station the best 20 years of their lives.

Not to mention the fact he brought Majic 100 the highest ratings in town year after year.

Way to kick a guy when he’s down.

What a bunch of creeps.

Hopefully, Kevin will rebound from this serious illness. Hopefully, we’ll once again hear his corny jokes.  In the meantime, somebody organize a flash mob in front of the Market Mall to tell Kevin how much we care about him, how much we miss him, and how well we will embrace him when he returns.

Like he told Tony Lofaro: “I’m only 51; I’m not dead.”


9 Replies to “Kevin Nelson: No way to treat an Ottawa radio icon”

  1. Kevin did a good interview but that’s his job so he’s good at it. He didn’t tell the whole story though. I knew him very well and can say with complete accuracy that only Kevin is responsible. He has had a major drinking problem for many years whichmis the root cause of his problems. He’s been in and out of hospital last 3 years refusing to follows doctors advice or from his work. he is a US citizen, on record refusing CA citizenship cause he he says we are not as good -and he likes fame and the free perks and special treatment but disdains listeners behind their back, thinks they are beneath him. his attitude was really bad and his ratings tanking over the last few years-he knew his contract was up so it was not the surprise he said. and people from the station visited him lots of times in hospital over the years, just maybe this last time, not as many. it gets hard to deal with a guy who’s become a nasty alchoholic not caring about anyone and who refuses to get help. he embarrassed people when he racked up 20 grand in parking tickets and let his plates expire for 2 years cause he figured he was above the law and had vip friends, untik he finally got caught.
    He really is the narcissistic celebrity who feels entitled and used his latest illness to manipulate people to feel sorry for him cause he desperate to hang onto his celebrity status -his worst nightmare he said was tonbe just like the resf of us.

    1. that is an interesting story, if true, but I wonder about Bill Parker, Codi Jeffreys, who now seems to be a floater and Melanie from the afternoon show. It sounds to me like a wholesale change. Not only the above, but the fellow who had the afternoon show (drive home) and is now in no mans land in the morning after the “new show”

  2. I used to listen to him in Calgary. And I worked with his then live in girlfriend, Diane. She didn’t share any thing about him being a heavy drinker. Hard to know if the preceding story is true. If it is, how sad for such a great talent.

  3. I don’t think I know Annie, but judging from what she has written, it’s very possible that I might. Everything she writes is absolutely true (that ticket amount seems a little excessive, but it may be right on, from the number of times I’ve heard him curse the bylaw officers). The fact that Bill Parker is gone because Kevin could not hold himself together is agonizing to me, because Bill is the salt of the earth and one of the greatest people I have ever known in radio. I have similar opinions of both Melanie and Codi, and they’ve all been shafted by the selfish behaviour of Kevin (although the last time I saw him, even I was saddened to see how far he had deteriorated). I’m glad to see Melanie has landed with a good crew on BOB-FM, but Bill and Codi deserved much more. I have to say I’ve never been a very compassionate person towards Kevin, because I would routinely hear him say vicious things about both listeners and co-workers (right down to clerical staff at the radio station who did not deserve his attention, except that he considered them beneath him). It’s really hard to care about someone like that, and even though he’s in a very sad state right now, I completely agree that he has no one to blame but himself, and when he finally dies alone, and there is virtually no one to mourn him, perhaps he will come to the realization that he should have lived his life much differently than he did.

  4. Forgive him for being human..He entertained us for 19 years. That’s a trmendouse legacy as number one radio station for all those years. cut him some slack because life happens and then we die…

    All those negative words will come home to haunt those who spoke them publicly,
    Put youself in his shoes. He had to be more then what your comments make him out to be to dominate for so long in such a competitive market..Perhaps sclerosis of the liver is the price he will pay for giving so much of himself so that we would all be entertained for so long

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