CTV Ottawa’s snuff film

I was watching the noon news on CTV Ottawa today, and Michael O’Byrne announced that a pit bull had killed a shih tzu which was being walked by a little boy in the south end of the city.

I thought, what a sad story. Also, I thought there was a law against pit bulls being allowed outside without a muzzle.

I was pondering all this when the station rolled tape of the attack.

CTV Ottawa actually showed the pitbull killing the shih tzu. I could even hear the poor little dog screaming.

I was absolutely outraged and horrified that a) someone had recorded the attack instead of trying to save the dog and b)  the station had the audacity to run the clip.

There are children out there who will see this eating their supper tonight. There will be people watching who know that family, who saw the boy walk the dog everyday. People don’t need to see this kind of violence.

Who is in charge at CTV Ottawa?

Do they have no compassion, no morals, no taste?

We did not need to see this violent attack to know how it went down.

If you agree with me, send an email to news@ctvottawa.ca and complain.

Thank you for listening.


One Reply to “CTV Ottawa’s snuff film”

  1. Last winter I remember The Daily Show reproducing a clip shown on everybody’s favourite fairly unbalanced news network. It was a mobile phone video clip of a patch of black ice at an intersection somewhere down in the U.S., where I assume this is an uncommon occurrence. The person filmed this from a safe distance while one car skidded through and caused an accident.

    And then another car skidded into that one. And then…

    I would like to assume at some point they did get around to turning the camera off and going to see if everyone was ok. It’s as though we have some “voyeur mode” hidden inside us, and when it gets triggered, all we can do is watch.

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