The Great Canadian Wienerfest, all dressed

I have a very serious choice to make tonight.

Do I exercise my obligation as a Canadian citizen and watch the Leader’s Debate to decide for myself who has the right stuff to be prime minister? Or do I go up the channel to NBC to see who will get the boot on The Biggest Loser?

Let’s see. Which one do I PVR?

The good thing about PVRs is that you can get rid of all those horrible commercials for PGX or Weight Watchers. Jennifer Hudson stresses me out to be honest. So recording the Biggest Loser has its advantages.

But I could also use the PVR to fast forward through debate drone when someone gets stuck on let’s see “the coalition”.

The bad girl in me, Wanda LaTour, likes to spend the debate making fun of what the candidates are wearing, the annoyance of their bluster and the inevitable disappointment of their ties. Will Iggy trim his brows? Will Jackieboy bring the cane? Will Stephen get new glasses?  Who will be the best dressed? Hands down, Tim Gunn would point his perfectly manicured finger at Gilles Duceppe who always has beautiful suits. 

PVRing would keep my worst instincts at bay.

But the good girl really wants to listen to what these middle-aged men have to say for themselves. But haven’t we heard it all before?

I’m hoping the whole Sheila Fraser thing will blow up tonight, just to add a little excitement.

“Prime Minister why did you spend millions of dollars on a bocce ball complex in Muskoka? And a nail salon in Huntsville?

“Just because your sweet little Clement-ine needed a little vote-buying muscle? What do you mean you forgot to tell the A-G?”

Even with this little scandal, the debate will be disappointing.

It always is. 

It will be made no better by turning it into a wienerfest. I will miss Liz May, that feisty little firecracker who has yet to find a decent hairdresser. She was good in the last debate. Good? She was God damned fearless.

I don’t know who will NOT be the Biggest Loser on NBC tonight, but I know who will be the Biggest Loser in the Canadian version.

Liz May?

Maybe the Canadian public.


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