Are any of the leaders Roseworthy?


The Ottawa Citizen today ran an interesting piece about how most MPs do not reflect who were are as Canadians. The story says the typical MP is white, male, professional, about 50.

That’s about right.

It got me thinking. Perhaps a better way for we women to choose a leader — since no woman has a hope of getting there anytime soon — is to choose him like we choose our husbands.

When we look for a husband, we want someone who is not just handsome but trustworthy, in good health and with a decent stock portfolio. We want them to be able to buy us a house and fund the kids through university.

A good leader, I believe, should embody the characteristics by which we choose our mates.

So I began to look at some of the flock to see if they would be Roseworthy.

Here’s my take, for what it’s worth.

Prime Minister Harper. I’ve seen Harper in person and he really is quite handsome. He has beautiful Husky-like eyes, a good head of hair and nice teeth. He would be a devoted husband and dad — I like that.

But I don’t like the fact that he’s never held a proper job in his life outside of politics. He’s been a political aide and politician most of his life, and that, my friends, does not build character. Nor a stable of good trustworthy friends. I mean, there he was cavorting with that awful, hooker-loving fraudster Bruce Carson. He probably had him over to the house!

Steve is also boring. He likes hockey and plays oldies on piano. He’s never taken a trip on his own to the Caribbean for some beach downtime. So once he’s through with politics, what will we do? Attend an economic conference, somewhere? I want margaritas and golf, and he’d probably opt for following the Beach Boys on tour.

Roseworthy? I’d give him a C.

Michael Ignatieff. Iggy is also quite handsome, but he’s also charming and I like that in a man. He’s the kind of guy you’d like to be married to at a later age — forget the kids — and he’s probably pretty good in the sack. I say that because he’s already married to a feisty Hungarian and I don’t think she would have bothered with him if he couldn’t make the grade in the bedroom. (I’m sure he has red silk pajamas.)

He likes good wine, classical music and cats. I like cheap wine, blues and dogs. So that could be an issue.

He’s worldly, I like that about him, too. Knows his way around an ashram, I’m betting.

It might be a bit lonely around Iggy during our retirement years, what with his penchant for book-writing and reading. I’d say, for the most part, we’d live separate lives, but as long as he has some moola in the bank, what the hey?

Roseworthy? B+

Jack Layton: Okay, here’s my bias. I don’t like bald guys, but he’s not bad looking for a man with more snow in his nether regions than on top. And Jack’s fit — though he’s battling cancer and has a bad hip — and I’m sure we’d have plenty of fun bike riding and at the gym.

I’m not loving that he, like Harper, spent too much time in politics and not enough time in the real world. But, hey, if he knows the union guys, then he pretty much knows how to drink. Jack seems trustworthy, although I’m not fond of his bluster. And he’s short.

Roseworthy? B

Gilles Duceppe: Duceppe is a good looking man, with lots of hair and a nice face, but he’s got a cartoon voice that would drive me nuts after only a few days. He’s too serious and looks bad in hats. I wouldn’t have to worry about Duceppe because, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be into me. And for that…

Roseworthy? D –

Let face it, one the basis of Roseworthiness, the field is pretty barren. What about other prospects warming the bench?

Here are Rose’s best bets.

 Peter McKay (hunky, smart, fun and I bet a good kisser), Scott Brison (if he played for our team), Pat Martin (after we retired, he could build me a damned house), Glen Pearson (who doesn’t like firefighters?) and my former news heart throb, Peter Kent (hello! He’s the brother of the Scud Stud.)

You’re welcome.


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