David McGuinty gave me a sign

By Rose Simpson

I’m voting for David McGuinty and have voted for him in every election.

It has nothing to do with Michael Ignatieff.

If I lived in Ottawa Centre, I would have voted for Paul Dewar.


Because I am one of those voters who marks the “x” for the candidate. I like and admire many MPs, particularly hardworking guys like McGuinty and Dewar. I am confident that if I have any problems with the federal government either of these guys would step up and take a bullet for me.

That’s what MPs are supposed to do.

I like the fact that McGuinty comes to my door at least once a campaign. I also like that fact that when I asked for a sign, the sign crew showed up the next day. Unlike Jim Watson’s crew,whom I asked three times for a sign and never got one. (As a result, I voted for Clive Doucette.)

I try not to hold the fact that David is Dalton’s brother against him.

I’m pretty mad at my MLA right now because Daltie has made some boneheaded calls in recent times. I particularly didn’t like the fact that he was telling us when we should do our laundry and wash our dishes. The management problems at Queen’s Park, at Hydro Ottawa and other places are ridiculous.

And don’t get me started on the HST or Hydro.

But I never put oranges in my Waldorf salad; don’t like to mix them with the apples. So I’m voting for David in spite of Dalton.

That whole older brother thing must really tick David off sometimes.

But I digress.

While I have your attention, I wanted to point something out that the media has missed. Yesterday, Stephen Harper was crowing about the $3,000 tax credit he plans to give volunteer firefighters, something the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs have been asking for ever since Steve took residence at 24 Sussex.

Just before the election, the old desperado announced in the budget that the government would indeed give the volunteers their credit in thanks for risking their lives (which volunteers at CHEO don’t do, by the way, naysayers).

Anyway, I happen to have a horse in this race, and have been keeping tabs on this issue.

Michael Ignatieff said he supported the tax credit months before Steve deigned to put it in the budget.

Look it up. It was in the news.

I’m going now to plant a few begonias around my David McGuinty sign.

Frost or not frost.


2 Replies to “David McGuinty gave me a sign”

  1. I feel very similar. I vote for the candidate, not the party. I was partisan in the past, but gave that up about a decade ago now.

    I posted about meeting the two top candidates in our riding here: http://www.digital-copyright.ca/node/5309

    It is interesting, but the national campaigns do affect my vote in that they make it harder for me to vote for a good local candidate. I’m happy with David (not with Dalton), but as an individual Salibi seems interesting as well. The way the Conservatives are running this campaign just annoys me too much to consider this person I might otherwise find interesting. Harper is running to be the President of Canada after a series of very serious issues resulting in his government being found in contempt of parliament. The fact they don’t recognize this is serious makes it impossible for me to take any of their candidates seriously.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with fellow constituents.

    And I have also been impressed with Dewar, and if asked by any of my Ottawa Center friends say so… There are also Conservatives I’ve consider to be great MPs when I’ve met them — too bad about their chosen party affiliation.

  2. David McGuinty doesn’t take bullets for you, he actually steps out of the way and gives his brother a free pass to shoot his constituents (also David’s constituents — oh wait, that’s you!) with one tax increase after another.

    I would have ‘some’ respect for him if he actually spoke out against what his brother is doing (brothers are allowed to quarrel), including the health tax, the hst, the enviro fees, and all the other mis-management in Queen’s Park, but do you see that? Of course not, David wouldn’t dare speak out against Dalton. He needs his minions to help him with his re-election.
    Both these brothers need to go, NOW!

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