The Bloc: Barney’s version

Now I’ve seen everything.

Gilles Duceppe is stealing material from Warren Kinsella.

A story in today’s Ottawa Citizen quotes Duceppe on Harper Cabinet Minister Gary Goodyear, who once followed creationism.

“He probably thinks The Flintsones was a documentary series,” quipped Duceppe, who is winning praise for his standup act on the campaign trail.

He should instead be tomato pasted for taking the five finger discount. The same joke was leveled at Stockwell Day by Kinsella back in the Chretien 2000 campaign. Kinsella was funnier because he brought along Barney the Dinosaur as a prop.

It’s not that great a joke; it’s pretty lame, in fact.  That said, is stealing punch lines fair in love and politics? Or is Kinsella now being paid as a show runner on Team Separate?

And who was this reporter who praised him for coming up with the line. What is she, 12?

An editor at Postmedia News should have caught this, but hey, with all the layoffs at Black, no Asper, no Godfrey these days, I’m betting the editor might be 13, tops.

With many of the great minds either dying off or retiring, I’m certainly glad to have Craig Oliver. Craig might be blind and old, with a hairdresser who is colorblind, but he’s still got a crack political mind and memory. That used to be said about Don Newman, too, who was a walking encyclopedia of political fact and fiction. Too bad he retired.

Too bad, too, Jim Travers died just before the campaign kick-off.

With Uncle Lloyd set to retire this year, we only have Mansbridge as keeper of the memory flame.

That just depresses me.

Back to Duceppe. If people seem to think that Gilles Duceppe is the funny man on the campaign, where is hope for the rest of us?

If he’s funny in English, he must be downright hilarious in French.

The Gallery is no help, no help whatsoever.

The best the Gallery could do was “Scaremong-Air” for Harper’s plane. Everyone who has a comedic rhythm knows the real catchphrase is “Scare Air”.

But with Travers gone, nobody could accuse the Gallery of being a hot bed for hilarity.

Maybe with all these silly airplane rules, there’s no room for decent drugs, anymore. Right, Hubie?

And the Gallery can’t depend on the other leaders to put the Hee in Haw. Unless of course, you include Stephen Harper singing.

None of the main leaders, I’m betting, has ever watched a comedy special. Or delivered a funny line.

Except, Warren Kinsella.

As played by Gilles Duceppe.

With material like this, it’s going to be a long campaign.


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