The narcissist in Langevin Block

By Rose Simpson

The history books would describe him as a man with drive and conviction, a leader who was guided by his own code and set of principles.

The man changed the political landscape and put his imprint on this country. When he eventually left government, he also left a country that was never the same.

In describing his personality, historians would say he was polarizing. Some folks adored him while others despised him.

If asked, a lot of Canadians would say he ruined the country.

In his own mind, the man was pure of heart, word and deed, a family man, a passionate believer in the power of God and a defender of the rule of law. But there was another side of his personality, a darker one. He was a psychopath driven by a narcissistic personality, a man who really didn’t give a damn about anybody.

In his early years, he manipulated his way to success by conning those above them and exploiting those beneath them. As a leader, he ruled the country much the same way.

This is how historians might describe Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the man who ruled this nation with an iron first on and off for 16 years.

What? You thought I was talking about Stephen Harper?

Of all the prime ministers we’ve had in this country, Stephen Harper and Pierre Trudeau are, in my view, the most alike even though they couldn’t be more different. Their policies are worlds apart, but their personalities, their drive and their “view” are incredibly similar.

Both have tested our patience. Both have acted like spoiled children when they didn’t get their way. Both could become prickly when their authority was challenged.

It is true, Trudeau had a lot more charm than Harper whose only joys outside running Canada seem to be hockey and Beatles tunes.

And no question, Trudeau had a way with the ladies. Harper has a way with cats.

The pair have another thing in common. Canadians are attracted to them, like moths to a flame. Like good girls to bad boys.

And that is why a lot of Canadians will vote for Stephen Harper on May 2nd.

Canadians are attracted to narcissists.

Go figure.


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